🎥 RunPlayBack Checks Out Nexx NX1 Bikes: First Impressions


We recently had the pleasure of hosting Rik from RunPlayBack, a YouTube channel with a stellar community of over 50,000 subscribers and a whopping 3 million views! Known for insightful reviews and thrilling e-bike content, Rik’s channel is a go-to destination for bike enthusiasts seeking the lowdown on the latest and greatest rides.

With the Nexx NX1 making waves in the electric bike scene, we were thrilled to showcase our babies to someone who truly gets what it means to ride in style. Rik’s first impressions? Let’s just say they’re worth the watch!

From unveiling our cutting-edge technology to taking the NX1s for a spin, Rik dished out his thoughts on these high-performance beasts. Spoiler alert: the excitement was palpable, and the review promises to be electric! Ready to dive in? Watch the RunPlayBack review now to catch all the action, passion, and genuine excitement surrounding the Nexx NX1 bikes.


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