Nexx Light Electric Vehicles was born from a passion for the feel of freedom and sustainability. This vision took shape within a team deeply rooted in the light electric vehicle landscape, fueled by their love for eco-friendly travel and cutting-edge technology. We're on a mission to change the game, delivering exceptional light electric vehicles that seamlessly blend technology, style, quality, durability, and top-notch customer service.

At Nexx, we're not merely making LEVs, we're cultivating a community and firmly believe that each of our riders bring something unique to our culture. We're dedicated to establishing an environment where shared experiences and unparalleled service take center stage. Join our journey, crafted to inspire you to embrace thrilling adventures while also promoting sustainability and contributing to a greener future.



The journey of developing the Nexx LEV NX1 has been a wild ride filled with long nights, innovation and dedication. From the conceptual stages to fine-tuning the intricate details, our team has strived to create a top-tier light electric vehicle that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional quality and performance. We've taken every step to ensure that the NX1 becomes a benchmark in the world of high-performance electric bikes, setting new standards for reliability, efficiency, and adaptability.



During the conceptualization phase of the NX1, our team dove into a creative adventure, exploring various visons and designs. Our goal was to craft something refreshingly new and distinctive. Inspired by the merging of sharp lines and smooth curves, we set out to redefine the spirit of early track bikes and the iconic cafe-style racers. We seeked to fuse innovation with a touch of timeless charm, combining the nimbleness of track designs with the attraction of classic aesthetics. This mix of elements came together to form the distinct identity of the NX1.

Design Validation

In the initial stages of NX1 development, 3D printing played a pivotal role in our production process. Virtually every component, with only a few exceptions of off-the-shelf parts, underwent refinement through this method. Our approach involved slicing the prints into manageable sections using 3D software, enabling us to print the parts on a small hobby FDM printer. These segments were then assembled using a combination of CA glue and a 3D pen, acting as a plastic welder.

This process allowed us to systematically identify and address areas for improvement, resulting in a considerable time and cost-saving advantage by proactively resolving issues before transitioning to producing the final prototypes. Addressing these challenges early on facilitated swift real-world testing with the prototypes, refining our designs to ensure optimal performance, quality, and durability.


During the prototype stage, our work with the prototypes has served as a foundation in gauging the performance of the NX1. These iterations have been instrumental in shining light on the strengths and areas for refinement within our designs, guiding us towards the delivery of a next level final product.

While our path hasn't been entirely without challenges, we've approached each obstacle with a strategic mindset. Every hurdle has presented an opportunity to learn, adapt, and enhance our bikes. Our iterative process has been crucial in deepening our understanding and ensuring that the eventual product not only meets but surpasses the highest standards. We hold true to our commitment to excellence, driven by the insights gained from this pivotal stage of prototyping.

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Nexx LEV is pioneering the next wave of high-performance electric vehicles, fusing cutting-edge technology, customizable design, and unmatched versatility.

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