NX1 Pre-Order Pricing Revealed! Launch Starts February 6th!

Our NX1 electric bikes will officially be up for grabs starting February 6th!

We’re not here to blend in, we’re here to stand out! The NX1 boasts an impressive list of tech specs that’ll make your commute suck less! We’re not just selling bikes; we’re selling an experience – a fusion of sleek design, cutting-edge tech, and unrivaled performance.

Ready to join the ride? Get your hands on the future of electric biking and lock in those early-bird discounts. With Nexx, you’re not just buying a bike; you’re investing in the evolution of transportation. Stay tuned for the tech revolution!


Nexx LEV is pioneering the next wave of high-performance electric vehicles, fusing cutting-edge technology, customizable design, and unmatched versatility.

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