Unleashing the Power: Nexx Collaborates with Unpathedfilm for an Electrifying Video Shoot in the Bay!

Recently, Nexx teamed up with the talented folks at Unpathedfilm (https://www.unpathedfilm.com/) for an adrenaline-pumping video shoot on the streets of San Francisco. Prior to the shoot, the creative minds from both teams joined forces to transform a cargo bike into a high-speed filming rig. The innovative retrofit involved swapping out the low-power mid-drive setup for a robust high-power hub motor and a 72v configuration, propelling the filming bike to speeds exceeding 40mph.

The results were nothing short of spectacular. The successful collaboration showcased the capabilities of Nexx LEV’s high-performance electric bikes and the ingenuity of Unpathedfilm’s filming expertise. The footage, with its dynamic shots and electrifying scenes, promises an exhilarating visual experience for viewers.

The teams are gearing up for another exciting shoot, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of electric bike cinematography. Stay tuned for the upcoming video, as we continue to redefine the narrative of electric biking with speed, innovation, and a touch of cinematic magic. Get ready to witness the power of the Nexx Light Electric Vehciles NX1 on the streets like never before!


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