Unveiling Nexx Light Electric Vehicles: Forging Ahead in the World of High-Performance E-Bikes

At Nexx Light Electric Vehicles, our inception stems from a wealth of experience and a dedication to innovation. Drawing upon the legacy of its co-founding roots in the LEV industry, Nexx LEV embodies a new era of high-performance, quality, and an unwavering commitment to exemplary customer service. This ethos isn’t just about crafting vehicles, it’s about fostering an unparalleled ownership experience, where customer service takes precedence.

Beyond building bikes, we’re a community-centric brand that treasures enduring relationships, fostering connections through regular meetups, community rides, and unparalleled on-site customer support. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: crafting exceptional, reliable, and performance-driven light electric vehicles that inspire and champion a sustainable future. Find out more about the back story of Nexx Light Electric vehicles here.


Nexx LEV is pioneering the next wave of high-performance electric vehicles, fusing cutting-edge technology, customizable design, and unmatched versatility.

Email: info@nexxlev.com
Tel: (650) 667-0793